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Chihiros Aquatic Studio

Chihiros Aluminum Alloy Hanging Stand

Chihiros Aluminum Alloy Hanging Stand

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The Chihiros hanging kit is made from aluminum alloy that is both sturdy & looks elegant. The hanging kit will work for Chihiros RGB-series, A-series,& A-series+ LEDs but can also be used for many other types of light fixtures. Two hanging kits are needed for a safe installation. The height of the stand can vary from 41 - 47cm(16.1-18.5in) & the mounting bracket can be attached to glass up to 15mm(0.6in) thick. The length of the arm is 32cm(12.6in) & can be swiveled freely. There are three grooves 3cm(1.2in), 6cm(2.4in) & 9cm(3.5in) from the tip of the arm guaranteeing to suspend your LED light.

Normal Philips Head screwdriver needed for installation. All other tools for hanging the light are included.

  • Aluminum alloy
  • Sturdy
  • Full Adjustability
  • 2 Kits needed for safe installation
  • Height : 41 - 47cm(16.1-18.5in)
  • Length : 32cm(12.6in)
  • Width of mounting bracket : 15cm(6.0in)
  • Max. possible glass thickness : 15mm(0.6in)
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