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Chihiros Aquatic Studio

Chihiros Magnet Cleaner

Chihiros Magnet Cleaner

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Chihiros emphasizes the details and quality of products. Chihiros magnet cleaner is another craft of Chihiros product line. Made of the highest performance magnets-N52 in magnet industry, the cleaner feels more comfortable. Chihiros magnet cleaner is different from the fish tank brush in the market, the magnetic suction is subdivided for different thicknesses of glass.

Chihiros Magnet Cleaner is designed to clean and scrap aquarium tanks. It is a good helper in cleaning aquarium jobs.

  • High Quality & Designed Special.
  • Ideal for use on the corner of the glass aquarium, please do not use it for acrylic aquarium otherwise, it may scratch the acrylic surface.
  • Suitable for mini aquariums.
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