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Chihiros Aquatic Studio

Chihiros CO2 Spiral Bubble Counter

Chihiros CO2 Spiral Bubble Counter

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Made of borosilicate glass material, high clearness.
ompatible with pressurized CO2 tanks and DIY yeast bottles.
hinox shape glass bubble counter that helps you to estimate amount of CO2 release into your aquarium.
ubbles moves along the spiral upward, and when it escape from the spiral, you can count bubbles per second.

Material: Borosilicate Glass
Color: Clear
Size: 135 x 20mm

Package included:
1pc* CO2 Spiral Bubble Counter (includes 2 suction cups)

To Setup:
1. Fill the counter with water.
2. Connect the CO2 tubing to the inlet of the counter.
3. CO2 gas from the pipe will create bubbles in the water.
4. Count the number of bubbles per second to make calculation.
5. Counter can be placed outside of the tank. Use the suction cups provided to attach in on the aquarium glass.

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