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The GS30 is a 27 L cube aquarium built with rimless ultra clear low iron glass with all sides chamfered. Like the IQ series, it is fabricated with a back filtration system powered by a 500L/h return pump together with the 3 stage, 5 layer trickle filter system. The GS30 is developed for both freshwater and marine aquarium therefore this aquarium is built to accommodate a protein skimmer for marine and reef-keeping purposes. 
Complete with a super bright LED light unit and an efficient built-in filtration system (with adjustable flow rate), the GS30 makes fish-keeping easy. Comes with detailed instructions on how to use this "Easy To Maintain" aquarium. Available in 2 colors.
Combine with innovative creativity, the new Dymax GS30 cube glass aquarium comes with a 3-stage, 5-layer trickle filter system. Maintaining water quality is essential, the 3 in 1 IQ media combines the mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration for the filtering system, suitable for both Marine and freshwater. The ultra-thin, super bright LED light with its brushed metal housing and mounting arm allows the light to easily slide up and down as well as in and out of the aquarium for maintenance.

  • 27 liters or 7 US gal mini aquarium
  • Compact and easy maintenance
  • Better clarity than float glass
  • Invisible sealing compoung on all edges
  • Chamfered glass with no sharp edges
  • Comes with sleek designed overhanging LED lighting
  • Suitable for fresh water fish, marine, shrimp and plants
  • 30x30x30 cm
  • *NOTE - Item does not come with decorations. Last two pictures arefor visualization only.

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