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Flat One+ | The Smart Aquarium Lighting (90cm, Standard style)

Flat One+ | The Smart Aquarium Lighting (90cm, Standard style)

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ONF exclusive customized colorful LED for all range plants, which is combining advantage of three wavelengths and full spectrum light color, the color is closer to the real but more dazzling, which brightens up the aquatic plants vividly and clearly.


Size : 91.3 x20 x8 cm (35.9 × 7.9 x 3.15 in)
Weight: 3200g
Surface colour: silver
Colour temperature : Warm & White (3000-6500k) / Blue & White (6500-20500K)
Brightness : Warm & White (5600lm) / Blue & White (45001m)
Input voltage : 100-240VAC • 50/60Hz
LED lifetime : 50000hr
Power consumption : 70W
Operating temperature : 0-40°C
Two-stage touch-sensitives switch : ON / OFF; MODE (White light / Both / Blue light or Warm light ); Blue light or Warm light ^ White light v; White light ^ Blue light or Warm light v; Lamp operation indicator light; Timer indicator light; BT indicator light


Flat One+ / Tripods / power adapter / screw / manual


Via the ONF Link app, vou can manage multiple devices, adjust the brightness and color temperature in the palm of your hand. Additionally, you can create up to five groups of vour personal davlight circle to simulate natural sunlight. making our plants present a varietv of different appearances at home.
ONE Link runs on iOS 13.41 or later, on Android 9. (Huawei. Xiaomi aren't compatible)

Product Properties

In the production process of this product, the surface treatment of baking varnish is used to fill the pores produced by aluminum extrusion. This processing method may have the possibility of fine miscellaneous spots or minor scratches, accounting for less than 5% of the overall volume, which is normal. Phenomenon. However. when the waste liquid is dumped in the process, it will cause significant harm to the environment. In order to reduce the harm to the earth without affecting the normal use, if the area does not exceed 5%, it will not affect the appearance and take into account environmental protection. Heavy industrial processing to reduce the impact of chemical raw materials on the environment. When you buy ONE products, you can also do your best for the alobal environment, and directly return the reduced costs to customers, so as to reach a consensus of win-win and caring for the environment.

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