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WIO | Accents - Black

WIO | Accents - Black

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This exclusive blend of miniature black crush stones and stone slices is meticulously designed to create stone transitions, perfectly replicate stone slides, and add intricate texture to riverbeds and jungle habitats.


Black Accents is a sophisticated selection of miniature black stones, carefully chosen to complement the natural hues of black stones and boulders, such as Black Venom, Black Darwin, Druid, and other similar black stone types. Drawing inspiration from geological wonders and the rugged beauty of mountain stone slides, these accents infuse your nature-themed creations with a remarkable depth of detail.

They convey a sense of timelessness and history. Perfect for adding an element of realism and visual allure to your aquarium, paludarium, or terrarium environments, our Black Accents are an essential addition for any scaper’s collection.

Key Points

  • Exquisite blend of black color mini stones.
  • Ideal for pairing with dark stones and boulders, including Black Venom, Black Darwin, Druid, and others.
  • Imparts extraordinary detail to riverbeds and jungle-themed areas.
  • Mimic natural stone slides, shape intricate paths, expand your hardscape possibilities in nano tanks…
  • Perfect for use in aquariums, paludariums, and terrariums.
  • Inspired by natural geological formations and mountainous stone slides.


  • Material: A diverse mix of crush stones.
  • Color: Varied shades of black, matching dark stones and boulders.
  • Stone Size: Ranging from 0.3 to 30 mm.
  • Water Hardness: May have a minor impact on water hardness.
  • Application: Ideal for enhancing riverbeds and jungle habitats.
  • Packaging: Available in 750 grams bags, featuring a mix of small sizes crash stones for varied scaping applications.



  • Step 1: Preparation

  • Begin by rinsing the Color Accents with water to remove any residual dust or debris. This step is crucial for maintaining water clarity.

  • Ensure your aquarium, paludarium, or terrarium is clean and prepared for the introduction of the accents. A tidy environment will highlight the beauty of the accents.

  • Step 2: Selecting the Ideal Color Accent

  • Choose a Color Accent that harmonizes with the stones and boulders in your setup. Consider the color palette and texture of your existing hardscape to achieve a cohesive and natural look.

  • Step 3: Strategic Placement

  • Gently position the Color Accents in your chosen spots within your setup. Aim to replicate natural arrangements found in riverbeds, jungle floors, or along mountainous stone slides for authenticity.

  • Utilize a mix of different sizes, shapes and color shades to create depth and visual interest.

  • Step 4: Fine-Tuning for Perfection

  • After placement, step back and observe the overall look. Adjust the accents as needed to seamlessly integrate them with your hardscape, ensuring they enhance the aesthetic and realism of your layout.

  • Don't hesitate to experiment with various placements and combinations to discover the most visually appealing arrangement for your space.

  • Step 5: Ongoing Maintenance

  • Regularly inspect the accents for any accumulation of algae or debris. Clean them promptly to maintain their beauty and the health of your ecosystem.

  • During routine maintenance, you might find it necessary to adjust, remove, or add more accents to sustain or enhance the visual appeal.

  • The thoughtful placement of Color Accents is a dynamic process. It's a creative journey that can significantly elevate the allure of your aquarium, paludarium, or terrarium. Enjoy the process and allow your creativity to guide you in shaping a captivating and naturalistic environment.

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