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WIO | RiverBed - Ibon

WIO | RiverBed - Ibon

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Ibon Riverbed is inspired by the ibons of Pyrenees, in Spain and France, and features a mix of light sand and dark gravels and pebbles to create a high contrast bed that brings a moody ambiance to your aquarium.



If you're looking to create a unique and striking aquatic environment, our Ibon substrate is the perfect choice. Inspired by the high mountain rivers and streams of the Pyrenees, this substrate features a mix of light sand, dark gravels, and smooth cool pebbles that have been worn by the water over time. The result is a beautiful and high-contrast bed that brings a sense of drama and intrigue to your aquarium.

Not only is this substrate visually stunning, it's also 100% natural and non-toxic, making it a safe and healthy choice for your aquatic pets. And while it does slightly affect water hardness, it's easy to manipulate and spread in your aquarium, making it a convenient choice for aquascapers of all skill levels. 

Whether you're looking to create a biotope inspired by the ibons of Pyrenees or simply want to add a touch of drama and contrast to your aquarium, our Ibon substrate is sure to inspire and delight nature creators. Available in bags of 2 and 5kg, this substrate is suitable for any type of design and is sure to be a highlight of your aquatic environment.


Key Points

  • Inspired by the ibons of Pyrenees, Spain and France

  • Creates a high-contrast bed with light sand and dark gravels and pebbles

  • Designed to bring stark contrast to green plants and generate a moody ambiance

  • Suitable for any type of design



  • Color: Light sand, dark gravels, and pebbles, creating a high contrast bed.

  • Material: Sands, gravels, and pebbles inspired by high mountain rivers and streams.

  • Size mix: 0.1cm to 5cm.

  • Water hardness: Slightly affects water hardness.

  • Packaging: Available in 2 & 5kg bags.



  • It can be used in both aquatic and terrarium environments, as a standalone substrate or mix with other sands, gravels, Riverbeds…

  • Pre-washed for your convenience, can be use without rinse.

  • You can gently pass a net over the water surface to remove any floating particles.

  • The arbitrary distribution of the bag content creates a natural Riverbed impression with random densities and content mix, resulting in an easy, fun, and impressive way to create a true slice of nature.

  • These Riverbeds are suitable for everyone, from the newbie to the professional nature creator, and can be used to achieve outstanding results.

  • You don't need any special skills or tools to manipulate and spread the Riverbed in your aquarium or terrarium, making it an accessible and non-invasive way to enhance the natural look of your aquatic or terrestrial environment.

  • Riverbeds are made from 100% natural and non-toxic materials.

  • Safe for fish, shrimps, and other aquatic animals.

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