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WIO | Boulders - Inferno Boulder

WIO | Boulders - Inferno Boulder

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Bring warmth and vibrancy to your aquascape or terrarium with the natural pinkish-red Inferno Boulder. Its marbled surface is detailed with small white and pink flecks, adding interest and contrast to your display. Match it with Inferno Nano Boulders, Inferno gravels, and Inferno sands to achieve a perfectly natural look.



The Inferno Boulder is a breathtaking stone that adds a fiery touch to any aquarium or terrarium display. Its rich pinkish-red coloration and marbled surface, detailed with small white and pink flecks, create a unique and eye-catching look that adds interest and contrast to your habitat. You can match it with other Inferno products such as Nano Boulders, gravels, and sands to achieve a natural and harmonious look.

The Inferno Boulder is made from natural sedimentary stone, and it comes in mix sizes from 10 to 30 cms. It may raise pH and hardness slightly, but regular water changes are enough to keep the hardness under control. It is also ideal for creating a high impact look when used as a standalone feature or mixed with other gravels and stones.


Key Points

  • Natural pinkish-red coloration with marbled surface

  • Detailed with small white and pink flecks for added interest and contrast

  • Provide contrast to bright green plants or blends with red orange plants.

  • Match it with other Inferno products to achieve a natural look



  • Type: Sedimentary stone

  • Color: Pinkish-red with white and pink flecks

  • Texture: Marbled smooth surface

  • Sizes: Mix sizes from 10 to 30 cms

  • Water Hardness: May raise pH and hardness slightly

  • Packaging: Bulk boxes of 25 kg with small, mix, and large sizes available



  • It can be used in both aquatic and terrarium environments.
  • Rinse rocks and stones with water before use. Use a brush to clean it before introducing the stones in the aquarium.
  • Avoid placing rocks directly on the glass as they can be very heavy and sharp. Instead, place substrate or our LandForms before placing the hardscape to help fix the exact stone position with more freedom.
  • Always secure the stones, especially when placing one rock on top of another, you can do so with our ScapeBound, as the top rock may move or fall during regular maintenance, harming your dwellers or even breaking the aquarium.
  • Position stones a few centimeters/inches away from aquarium glass walls to facilitate maintenance.
  • Control any alterations in pH and kH by regular water changes with osmotic or soft water, or by using a water softener if necessary.
  • Safe for fish, shrimps, and other aquatic animals


Boulder Set Box

Perfectly suited for tanks up to 60 cm, our Boulder Set Box delivers depth and character to your scapes. Crafted with precision and expertise, this set includes a mix of boulders in various sizes:

  • One Signature XL Main Stone plus Complementary Stones Mix

With a weight range of 10kg Aprox, our Boulder Set Box provides the perfect balance of size and quantity for creating stunning compositions in smaller setups.


Boulder Set Mega Box

Specifically crafted for larger tanks ranging from 75 cm to 120 cm, our Boulder Set Mega Box offers a substantial enhancement to your bigger aquatic environments. This set includes a selection of boulders in various sizes:

  • One Signature XXL Main Stone plus Complementary Stones Mix

With a weight range of 22kg Aprox, our Boulder Set Mega Box provides the perfect combination of size and quantity to create amazing rock formations and captivating vistas in your larger setups.

Crafting a stunning scape has never been easier with our Boulder Sets. Each boulder is carefully chosen to provide depth, texture, and character to your scaping vision. Whether you prefer intricate details or a captivating subaquatic element, our Boulder Sets offer the versatility and aesthetic options to bring your creative vision to life.

Let your imagination run wild as each boulder becomes a brushstroke that paints a picture of natural splendor. Elevate your scaping journey with our Boulder Sets and watch as your aquarium, paludarium, or terrarium transforms into a captivating masterpiece.

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