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WIO | Wood - Canopy

WIO | Wood - Canopy

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Evoke the enchantment of ancient forests with our Canopy. These unique tree canopy shapes are perfect for creating captivating forest. Additionally, they are ideal for crafting your own custom trees and branches.


Canopy are a one-of-a-kind hardscape material, designed to help you recreate the mystique of lush forest canopies, whether submerged underwater or nestled in terrariums. These exceptional branch shapes, reminiscent of tree canopies, offer endless creative possibilities.

When combined with various rocks and plants, Canopy allow you to construct breathtaking forest landscapes, complete with mossy mountains, cascading waterfalls, and majestic trees. The whitish color and porcelain-like surface of these branches infuse your designs with depth and complexity, making them an excellent choice for aquascapers, terrarium enthusiasts, and anyone seeking to enhance their natural habitat's aesthetics.

Moreover, Canopy Wood Branches serve as a fantastic resource for crafting custom trees and branches. Each piece is unique in form and color, ensuring that your habitat remains a distinctive work of art. With various sizes available, ranging from 10 to 60 cm, Canopy are versatile and adaptable for a wide range of habitat setups.

Key Points

  • Craft captivating forest canopies underwater or in terrariums with unique tree canopy shapes.
  • Whitish color and porcelain-like surface add depth and complexity to designs.
  • Ideal for recreating lush forest landscapes with mountains, waterfalls, and trees.
  • Perfect for crafting custom trees and branches.


  • Type: Natural wood
  • Color: Whitish
  • Texture: Porcelain-like surface, tree canopy shapes
  • Wood Size: Available in 10-60 cm lengths
  • Water Tannins: Does not release water tannins
  • Packaging: Sold individually, with sizes ranging from Small to Large.


  • Creating Forest Canopies: Use Canopy to recreate captivating forest canopies underwater in aquariums or in terrariums. Attach them vertically to simulate the canopy of a majestic forest tree.
  • Custom Tree and Branch Crafting: Canopy are perfect for crafting your own custom trees and branches. Use adhesive to join the branches together, forming larger, more intricate branches. Attach them to other hardscape materials, such as our Cork Branches, to create a truly natural and dynamic appearance.
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