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WIO | Cork - Nano

WIO | Cork - Nano

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Elevate your nano aquariums, paludariums, and terrariums with Nano Cork Bag. This versatile bag of natural cork pieces, available in 2L (2-6 cm) or 5L (6-12 cm) options, adds the perfect finishing touch to your miniature ecosystems.


Nano Cork Bag is a versatile and essential addition for enthusiasts of miniature ecosystems. Comprising meticulously hand-selected, small pieces of natural cork, this product is designed to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your nano aquariums, paludariums, terrariums, and even larger enclosures.

In the realm of small-scale natural setups, every detail matters. Nano Cork Bag offers an abundant supply of natural cork pieces that can be easily incorporated into your creations. These pieces range from 2-6 cm in the 2L bag and 6-12 cm in the 5L bag, providing you with the perfect range of sizes for both nano and larger enclosures.

The true beauty of Nano Cork lies in its versatility. These natural cork pieces enhance the authenticity of your miniature landscapes. They are ideal for adding subtle texture, concealing joins between different substrate layers, covering small gaps, and creating depth and complexity in habitats of all sizes.

Key Points

  • Diverse Size Range: Available in 2L (2-6 cm) and 5L (6-12 cm) bags, providing you with the ideal-sized cork pieces for both nano and larger setups.
  • Nano-Optimized: These cork pieces are designed with nano environments in mind, making them perfect for adding subtle texture, hiding joins, and covering small gaps in miniature ecosystems.
  • Enhanced Mini-Scapes: Elevate the realism of your miniature landscapes by using Nano Cork to create depth and complexity in tiny habitats.
  • Versatile Applications: Nano Cork isn't limited to small tanks alone. It's also a fantastic resource for larger enclosures, allowing you to fill voids, disguise seams, or enhance the volume and intricacy of your setups.
  • Natural Aesthetics: Crafted from natural cork, each piece retains the earthy appearance of cork tree bark, providing a visually appealing and realistic touch to your habitat.


  • Material: Natural Cork
  • Quantity: Abundant Cork Pieces
  • Available Sizes: 2L (2-6 cm), 5L (6-12 cm)


  • Aquatic and Terrestrial Bliss: Nano Cork Bag seamlessly bridges the gap between aquatic and terrestrial environments. Use it to create natural transitions from water to land, giving your habitats a more realistic and captivating appearance.
  • Texture and Realism: In both nano and larger setups, Nano Cork adds a touch of authenticity by mimicking the texture and appearance of tree bark. Sprinkle these cork pieces across your habitat to create a diverse and textured landscape.
  • Concealing Joins: Whether it's an aquarium, paludarium, or terrarium, visible joins between different substrate layers or background elements can disrupt the illusion of a natural environment. Nano Cork serves as a fantastic camouflage, helping you hide these joins and maintain a seamless appearance.
  • Filling Small Gaps: Sometimes, tiny openings or gaps can appear in your enclosure's design. Nano Cork is perfect for covering these small imperfections, ensuring that your ecosystem looks polished and complete.
  • Volume and Complexity: Enhance the overall volume and intricacy of your habitat. In nano tanks, these cork pieces provide an illusion of depth and grandeur. In larger setups, they can be used to create intricate terrain features, adding layers and complexity to your designs.
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