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WIO | Enrichment - Woodbed Accent

WIO | Enrichment - Woodbed Accent

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Woodbed Accent

Create incredibly lifelike environments with WoodBed Accents, a sustainable mix of small branches, roots, and bark. These accents sink effortlessly, mimicking the accumulation of wood in riverbeds and jungle floors.


WoodBed Accents is a thoughtfully curated collection of sustainably harvested natural wood pieces that mimic the accumulation of wood found in riverbeds and jungle floors. These intricate textures and shapes contribute to an incredibly lifelike environment in your aquarium, paludarium, or terrarium. 

Once waterlogged, the selected wood pieces will remain at the bottom of your nature creation without decomposing for years, providing an ideal and realistic biotope impression. 

WoodBed not only enhances visual appeal but also offers natural acids, organic nutrients, and hiding places for fauna. 

Perfect for biotope creators, aquascapers, rainforest artists, and vivarium enthusiasts, WoodBed Accents adds depth, complexity, and wabi-sabi effect to your designs. For even greater realism mix with MulchBed.

Key Points

- Thoughtfully selected assortment of sustainably sourced small branches, roots, and bark

- Imitates the natural buildup of wood in riverbeds and forest floors

- Elevates aesthetics while offering essential benefits for wildlife

- Durable and waterlogged, remains intact without decomposing for years

- Ideal for use in aquariums, paludariums, and terrariums


- Material: Organic wood elements (including small branches, roots, and bark)

- Color: Varied shades of dark brown, reddish, and more

- Size: Ranging from 0.1 to 20 cm

- Mixable: Can be mixed with WoodBed for enhanced realism

- Water Hardness: Neutral, does not alter water hardness

- Packaging: Offered in 150g bags containing an assortment of small sizes


Step 1: Preparation

  • Before using Woodbed Accents, rinse them thoroughly with water to remove any dust or debris.

Step 2: Soaking

  • Fill a bag or a bucket with warm water and add the WoodBed mix. Soak the mix for 24 hours. Then, rinse it carefully to clear any remaining dust.

Step 3: Placement

  • Carefully place the Woodbed Accents in the desired locations within your aquarium, paludarium, or terrarium. Distribute the accents around the substrate, mimicking the natural patterns found in forests and rivers.
  • Use a mix of different-sized wood pieces to create a varied and dynamic environment.

Step 4: Adjustment and Fine-Tuning

  • Observe the overall appearance of your scape and make any necessary adjustments to the placement of the accents. Fine-tune the arrangement to ensure the accents blend seamlessly with the existing substrate and provide the desired level of detail and realism.
  • Feel free to experiment with different arrangements and combinations of accents to achieve the perfect look for your setup.

Step 5: Maintenance

  • Regularly check the accents for any buildup of debris and remove as needed.
  • During maintenance, you may need to reposition or add more accents to maintain the desired appearance.

Remember that the placement of Woodbed Accents can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your aquarium, paludarium, or terrarium. Take your time and be creative with the placement to achieve a natural and captivating environment. Woodbed Accents are sourced from sustainably harvested natural woods and are safe for fish, shrimps, and other aquatic or terrestrial animals.

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