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WIO | Gravel - Noir

WIO | Gravel - Noir

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Noir Gravel is an exquisite substrate featuring a deep, charcoal gray palette with a hint of rustic earth tones. Ideal for adding a sophisticated and contemporary edge to any aquarium or terrarium. The gravel's dark tones offer a striking contrast, especially when wet, accentuating the vividness of aquatic flora and creating a dramatic backdrop for the inhabitants.


Noir Gravel is an elegant and modern substrate choice that infuses your aquatic or terrarium landscapes with a sense of refined drama. Each pebble is a fragment of natural art, their angular shapes and deep charcoal grays mixed with occasional earthy hues reminiscent of a moonlit night. Perfect for simulating natural riverbeds or as a bold contrast in detailed aquascapes, Noir Gravel enhances the space it occupies.

The varying shades of dark gray, speckled with natural earth tones, allow for a dynamic yet sophisticated environment. Noir Gravel can matches the color of Black Ryuoh stone, and can be paired with lighter substrates for a stunning visual impact, complementing elements like driftwood or greenery.

Available in 2 kg bags in S/Mix/L size, Noir Gravel is versatile for diverse design concepts and tank sizes. It is pre-washed for your convenience, ready to make a statement in your setup.


Key Points

  • Sophisticated dark gray with rustic earth tones
  • Angular, small stones for a contemporary look
  • Ideal for dramatic contrast in aquascapes
  • Matches the color of Black Ryuoh stones.
  • Complements modern and traditional decor


  • Color: Dark gray with variations of earth tones
  • Texture: Angular and varied
  • Stone size: Available in S 12, Mix and L sizes.
  • Water hardness: Does affect water hardness.
  • Gravel Size: Available in three size (S, Mix, and L) ranging from 10-20mm (S), 10-40mm (Mix) and 20-40mm (L).
  • Packing: Available in 2 kg bags



  • Suitable for use in both aquatic and terrarium environments, as the main substrate or a dramatic accent.
  • Pre-washed for ease of use, though additional rinsing can be done to ensure cleanliness.
  • Removal of any floating particles is straightforward with a gentle sweep of a net.
  • Safe for all types of aquatic life, offering a secure surface for beneficial bacteria.
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