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WIO | Nano Boulder - Black Venom

WIO | Nano Boulder - Black Venom

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Black Venom

Stunning vibrant pitch-black colour nano boulders, this rock fascinates for its smooth black-glazed surface, design possibilities are endless due to its excellent colour contrast and maze-like texture.  Black Venom Nano Boulders is a high-impact rock that magnifies the green of plants and moss. 

Mix and match with Black Venom Boulders and Heaven sand to achieve a high impact composition. 

Available in 2kg bags

*This rock may slightly raise water hardness.

*Standard regular water changes are enough to keep the hardness under control.

*An ideal stone for Iwagumi layouts.


About product line

Nano Boulders

Please, follow our recommendations to enjoy our boulders: 

  • Most of our Nano Boulders come completely clean. Even though, we recommend rinsing boulders with water before use to remove any remaining dust.

  • You can easily test if a boulder is inert or if it will change slightly the pH and hardness. Simply place few drops of vinegar on the rock. If the vinegar (a base substance) fizzes or foams, it indicates that the gravel contains some calcium.

  • Boulders that contain calcium may alter the pH and kH. This can be especially pronounced if you have acidic water or CO2 addition. You can easily control it by regular water changes with osmotic or soft water. You can also use a water softener.

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