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WIO | Nano Rocks - Darkscape

WIO | Nano Rocks - Darkscape

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Venture into the enigmatic allure of Darkscape Nano Rock, a dense, deep-toned stone that beautifully complements darker aquascaping elements. With its rich, dark hues and occasional rust-colored marbling, it's ideally sized for crafting intricate, small-scale aquascapes, including the nuanced Iwagumi layout.



Darkscape Nano Rock is a miniature marvel, echoing the somber elegance of the night sky. These sedimentary rocks, with their profound dark tones and occasional rust-like accents, are sculpted into miniature silhouettes that lend themselves to forming dramatic terrains in your aquarium or terrarium. Designed for small-scale aquascaping, they inject the profound and mysterious beauty of dark landscapes into any space.

Shaped by the relentless forces of nature, Darkscape Nano Rocks carry an air of ancient mystery. Their dark facade, combined with the occasional rust-colored marbling, captures and plays with light in a way that adds an intriguing layer of depth and character to an aquascape.

Harmonize with dark stones such as Black Ryuoh or Dark Seiryu, these Nano Rocks create a cohesive and striking environment, rich in texture and dramatic contrast.

Each piece is a unique fragment of geologic poetry, waiting to be the cornerstone of your underwater masterpiece.


Key Points

  • Dark sedimentary stone with occasional rust-colored marbling
  • Complements Black Ryuoh or Dark Seiryu stones.
  • Ideal for detailed, small-scale, and Iwagumi aquascapes
  • Adds a dramatic and mysterious character to aquascapes
  • Subtly affects water parameters for a natural habitat
  • Safe for sensitive aquatic plants and animals



  • Type: Sedimentary rock
  • Color: Dark tones with rust-colored marbling
  • Texture: Bold and impactful with natural marbling
  • Stone size: Available in small sizes from 3 to 10 cms
  • Water parameters: Slightly alters water chemistry
  • Packaging: Available in bags of 2 kg in mixed sizes



  • Perfect for both aquatic and terrarium settings.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water before use; a soft brush can be used for a detailed cleaning.
  • Position carefully in the aquarium to avoid damaging the glass surface.
  • Use our ScapeBound to secure the stones, ensuring they remain stable during maintenance.
  • Allow a small space between the stones and the aquarium glass for easy cleaning.
  • Fully safe for all types of aquatic life, contributing to the richness of your aquascape.
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