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WIO | Nano Rocks - Nebula

WIO | Nano Rocks - Nebula

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Made from slate, these dark coloured rocks may appear low-key, but their subtle textures and diverse colour shades, including hints of green, blue, ochre and flecks of white mean they have a distinctive presence in a display. Whether used as part of a carefully designed aquascape, or thrown in in a jumble to represent the rocky chaos of a stream biotope, these flat stones can bring understated drama and complexity to your aquarium. 

Available in 2kg bag.

*This is a highly sought after and extremely rare stone, supply is limited.

*This rock does not hardness the water.


About product line

Nano Rocks

Please, follow our recommendations to enjoy your hardscape: 

  • Please rinse nano rocks with water before use. Some rocks as Dragon stone may contain soil and loam deposits on its unique dragon scale shape. Please, use a brush to clean it before introducing the stones in the aquarium. 

  • You can easily test if a nano rock is inert or if it will change slightly the pH and hardness. Simply place a few drops of vinegar on the rock. If the vinegar (a base substance) fizzes or foams, it indicates that the rock contains some calcium.

  • Nano rocks with calcium may alter the pH and kH. This can be especially pronounced if you have acidic water or CO2 addition. You can easily control it by regular water changes with osmotic or soft water. You can also use a water softener.

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