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WIO | Sand - El Dorado

WIO | Sand - El Dorado

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Add a touch of warmth to your aquarium with El Dorado natural sand. Its natural blend of ochre colours and grain size mix creates the impression of lower riverbeds and deltas.



El Dorado natural silica sand is the perfect addition to your aquarium for creating a warm and natural look. This orangish sand features a natural blend of ochre colours and grain size mix, providing a realistic look of lower riverbeds and deltas. It has a rich size grain mix that provides texture and detail.


Key Points

  • Orangish natural silica sand with a blend of ochre colours.

  • Rich size grain mix.

  • Provides a natural and warm look to your aquarium.

  • Highly distinctive for an impactful result.



  • Orange-yellow natural silica sand.

  • Suitable for use in aquatic and terrarium environments.

  • pH neutral, will not affect water chemistry.

  • Size mix from 0,1 - 4mm.

  • Available in 2 & 5kg bags.



  • It can be used in both aquatic and terrarium environments, as a standalone substrate or mix with other sands and gravels.

  • Pre-washed for your convenience, due to its small size we recommend avoiding rinsing before use.

  • Please, fill up the tank without stirring the sand bed by pouring the water carefully in a surface.

  • You can gently pass a net over the surface to remove any floating particles.

  • Safe for fish, shrimps, and other aquatic animals.

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