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WIO | Sand - Emerald

WIO | Sand - Emerald

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Emerald Sand, a natural, inert greenish sand that brings the lush essence of greenery to your scape. This sand boasts subtle greenish hues, reminiscent of forest floors and mossy streams, with a fine grain size mix that portrays the tranquility of nature.


Emerald Sand is a premium-grade, natural sand with a gentle greenish tint that offers a slice of the forest's serenity right in your aquarium or terrarium. Its fine grain size mix, ranging from very fine to coarse particles, creates a soft, natural bed that mimics the floor of a verdant forest or the banks of a moss-laden stream. This inert sand serves as a high-contrast element against the rich colors of aquatic plants, enhancing the natural appeal of your aquascape.

Unite the verdant tones of Emerald Sand with the complementary Emerald Gravel, and further enrich your aquascape with the lush, green allure of Jade or Titan stones. This combination orchestrates a vibrant green symphony, offering an impactful visual feast that is both captivating and unparalleled. Craft a stunning, emerald-themed underwater landscape that is sure to be the centerpiece of any room, inviting viewers into an enchanting world of greenery that's as genuine as it is beautiful.

As a cosmetic sand, Emerald Sand is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, providing a safe and stable substrate that does not influence water chemistry. It is an excellent choice for aquarists who wish to maintain a neutral pH in their tanks.

Key Points

  • Natural, inert sand with a subtle greenish hue.
  • Fine grain size mix that mimics natural environments.
  • Enhances the aesthetic of aquascapes with its high-contrast color.
  • Washed and screened for purity, ensuring a contaminant-free substrate.
  • Due to the amount of fine grains, it is highly recommendable to wash it before



  • Type: Natural, inert cosmetic sand.
  • Color: Natural blend of subtle greenish hues.
  • Grain size: Fine mix from 0.1 - 4mm.
  • Water hardness: Inert, does not affect water chemistry.
  • Packaging: Available in 2 & 5kg bags.


  • Ideal for both aquatic and terrarium settings, as a standalone substrate or in combination with other sands and gravels.
  • Pre-washed for ease of use, it can be added directly to your tank. Optional rinsing can be done to remove any remaining dust.
  • To remove any floating particles after setup, a gentle sweep with a net is effective.
  • Safe and suitable for all aquatic life, providing a serene and natural base for your underwater ecosystem.
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