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WIO | Sands Set

WIO | Sands Set

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We're particularly excited to introduce our brand new product line—The Sand Sets Limited Edition. These curated sets are designed to empower you, whether you're a hobbyist or an advanced aquascaper, with an unparalleled palette to paint your underwater worlds.



  • Complete Sand Set: Created for the avant-garde aquascaper, this comprehensive set combines all the sands from the Light and Dark Sets and adds Himalaya Sand to the mix. A total of 11 sands await in 1kg bags, ready to bring your aquascape to the next level.

Mixology: The Art of Blending Sands

One of the most exciting aspects of these sets is the endless mixing possibilities. With the Complete Sand Set, you can let your creativity soar like never before:

  • Texture Play: Blend Rocket Sand's fine grain with the coarser grains of Canyon Sand for an intriguing tactile experience.

  • High-Contrast Highlights: Imagine the dark, dramatic undertones of Midnight Sand juxtaposed against the heavenly white of Heaven Sand. The visual pop is stunning!

  • Layering Depth: Create rippling riverbeds and terraced landscapes by layering dark and light sands. El Dorado's golden hues can be the mid-layer between Tigris and Inferno for a visually stunning tri-layer effect.

A Palette for Every Theme

Here's how these sands can shape your desired biotope or theme:

  • Tropical Paradise: Use Tigris and Bumblebee sands to mimic the sandy riverbanks and estuaries of the Amazon basin.

  • Australian riverbanks: Blend Canyon Sand with Inferno Sand to conjure the vast Redlands of Australia.

  • Mystic Forests: Mix the deep blacks of Midnight Sand with the earthy tones of Choco Sand to mimic the forest floor, a natural haven for flora and fauna.

Elevate Your Aquascaping Game

Advanced aquascapers can utilize the Complete Sand Set to create their signature mixes for competitions, photography, or personal enjoyment. Also, for the ones that have multiple tanks and nano aquariums, this is a game changer!

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