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WIO | RiverBed - Shellbed

WIO | RiverBed - Shellbed

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Our new Shellbed substrate provides biotope enthusiasts with the ingredients to create truly authentic and rich displays which cater to the needs of the inhabitants. Comprised of crushed shells, this substrate can be used to recreate a variety of habitats including the deep lakes of the African Rift Valley, the karst streams of the Bodoquena highlands of western Brazil or coastal and estuarine environments from around the world. The substrate can be used on its own or mixed with sands and other materials to create vibrant and natural substrates. Finally, the bright aesthetic of the shells and the highly textured surface they provide offers beauty and contrast with décor and plants.

Available in bags of 2 & 5kg.

* S: Size mix from 0,1 - 0,2mm. 

* Mix: Size mix from 0,1 - 0,5mm.

* Suitable for any type of design.

* 100% natural material -- non-toxic choice for your aquarium decor

* Does not affect water hardness.

* Easy to manipulate and spread in your aquarium.

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