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WIO | Stones - Inferno Stone Set

WIO | Stones - Inferno Stone Set

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Inferno Stone is an arresting natural stone that brings the warmth of the earth's core to your aquascape or terrarium. With its robust terracotta reddish hues and angular surfaces, it's ideal for crafting landscapes that require a bold, high-impact composition in aquariums or terrariums.



Inferno Stone is a remarkable sedimentary rock that commands attention in any aquatic or terrarium setting. Its vibrant reddish earth-toned colors and unique, rugged texture stand out, making it the centerpiece of your aquascape. When submerged, the terracotta shades deepen to reddish, resembling the smoldering glow of volcanic landscapes and creating an alluring contrast with the verdant greens of aquatic plants.

Each stone is carefully selected to ensure it contributes to an impactful Iwagumi layout or any design that seeks a strong visual statement. The stone's natural texture, reminiscent of the earth’s fiery layers, adds complexity and a sense of ancient grandeur to your setup.

Available in sizes ranging from 10 to 30 cms, these stones offer versatility in designing a natural and inviting habitat.


Key Points

  • Warm, reddish earth-toned colors ideal for vibrant, naturalistic compositions
  • Angular surfaces and natural texture for a rugged, impactful look
  • Complements the greenery of plants and moss in aquascapes
  • Perfect for creating bold and striking layouts



  • Type: Sedimentary rock
  • Color: Vibrant reddish earth tones that deepen underwater
  • Texture: Angular and rugged
  • Stone size: Available from 10 to 30 cms
  • Water parameters: Can raise pH and hardness, but regular water changes can help keep hardness under control
  • Packaging: In selected size mix in Box and Mega Box.



  • Suitable for use in larger aquatic and terrarium environments
  • Rinse thoroughly before use; a brush can be used for more intensive cleaning
  • Carefully position to avoid damaging the glass, using a substrate or padding for safety
  • Securely anchor stones, particularly when stacking, with our ScapeBound to prevent movement during maintenance
  • Maintain clearance from the aquarium glass to simplify cleaning
  • Monitor and manage pH and kH with regular water changes or a water softener, if necessary
  • Safe for all fish, shrimp, and other aquatic animals


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