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WIO | Wood - Striped

WIO | Wood - Striped

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An extremely rare wood with unique striped textures, ideal for aquascaping and biotope aquariums. The wood features a thicker base root complemented by flowing branches, allowing for creative ryoboku-style formations. With minimal tannins, enjoy crystal clear water from the start in your aquarium or paludarium.


Striped Wood is an exceptional and highly sought-after hardscape material due to its scarcity and unique texture. This rare wood features distinctive striped textures, creating an eye-catching visual display in your aquatic or terrestrial habitat. Its thicker base root area is complemented by flowing branches, allowing for new and innovative wood formations in ryoboku styles.

Pieces of Striped Wood can vary from small to mid-size, and even impressively bulky, making it suitable for a wide range of habitat setups. As a heavy wood, it's ideal for aquascaping and biotope aquariums, providing stability and structure to your designs.

One of the notable characteristics of Striped Wood is its lack of tannins, or barely any at all. This means you can enjoy crystal clear water from the start, as nature has already done the maturation process for you by removing the tannins. The wood's unique appearance and texture make it a prized choice for aquarists and terrarium enthusiasts alike.

Each piece of Striped Wood is unique and different in form and color, ensuring that your habitat remains truly one-of-a-kind. Striped Wood is available in sizes ranging from 20-120 cm.

Key Points

  • Extremely rare wood with unique striped textures

  • Thicker base root with flowing branches for ryoboku-style formations

  • Lacks tannins for crystal clear water from the start

  • Highly sought-after due to scarcity and unique texture


  • Type: Natural wood

  • Color: Variable, with unique striped textures

  • Texture: Striped, flowing branches

  • Wood Size: 20-120 cm

  • Water Tannins: Does not or barely release water tannins.

  • Packaging: Sold by piece. Available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes.


  • Rinse the wood with water before use to remove any dust or debris.
  • Most woods are buoyant and need to be soaked for approximately one month to become waterlogged and sink. During the initial setup, use rocks, anchors, wood tight, or other methods to temporarily submerge the wood until it becomes fully waterlogged.
  • Saprolegnia, a white fungus-like growth, may appear on the wood during the initial stage. If it occurs, scrape and suction it out with a small tube frequently. It should naturally disappear within a month after the initial setup.
  • Woods may cause a decrease in the pH level of the water. It is recommended to maintain a minimum kH of 3 to create a buffer effect and regularly monitor the pH level.
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